York Hex Rubber Dumbbells


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York Hex Rubber Dumbbells

York Hex Rubber Dumbbells are ideal for expanding or starting your home weight selection. Sold in singles from 1.25KG to 50KG, these quality fixed weight dumbbells will really help develop your strength training. The dumbbells are hexagonal shaped so that they do not roll away when placed on the ground. They are also rubber coated which reduces noise and helps protect flooring.

  • Tough, durable and safe.
  • The thick rubber coating protects equipment and flooring and is easy to clean.
  • Chrome Knurled handle for good grip
  • Hexagonal design on the weight, stops rolling

For multiple weight plates or dumbbells, call or email us for best delivery price.

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1 x 1.25KG, 1 x 2.5KG, 1 x 5KG, 1 x 7.5KG, 1 x 10KG, 1 x 12.5KG, 1 x 15KG, 1 x 17.5KG, 1 x 20KG, 1 x 22.5KG, 1 x 25KG, 1 x 27.5KG, 1 x 30KG, 1 x 32.5KG, 1 x 35KG, 1 x 37.5KG, 1 x 40KG, 1 x 42.5KG, 1 x 45KG, 1 x 47.5KG, 1 x 50KG


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